About Privacy Policy

  • RIKEN Corundum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") respects your personal information and recognizes its importance. Here we introduce our basic policy on handling of personal information of our company.
    Customers can use most services (services on our site) without disclosing personal information. However, if you can not obtain personal information from the customer, there are services that can not be used. For example, in the following cases, we may ask customers' personal information to the extent necessary so that we can provide services that match the needs of our customers and improve service.

    Inquiries from customers
    Application within recruitment information
    Answer to questionnaire etc.

    ■We will properly manage personal information that we have taught from customers. In addition, we will not disclose / offer to third parties without your approval except in the following cases.
    When there is customer's consent. When delegating business to an external contractor who has concluded a confidentiality obligation contract in advance by campaign, prize application, etc. When disclosure of personal information is required by legal order etc.

    ■From our company, we may send you information such as services that seems to be beneficial to you, or the answer to your questions by e-mail, postal mail etc. The customer can cancel such sending / sending if you offer to us. If you wish to modify your own personal information, if you can contact us via "inquiry form" "e-mail" etc., we will promptly respond to reasonable scope .

    ■We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by the Company and will make efforts to improve the above measures as appropriate.