• 代表取締役社長


  • By sharpening and sanding everything, we will support the manufacturing industry and the familiar life in Japan and the world.

    Since our company was established for the purpose of manufacturing and selling abrasive cloth paper based on the abrasive material developed at RIKEN in 1935 (Showa 10 years), we are thankful to December 2015 Celebrated its 80th anniversary. For this, thank you very much for your dealings and suppliers and thank you deeply.

    Although our company's products are many BtoB products, there is little to be seen directly by everyone, but our technology and products support Japan's and world's manufacturing industry and familiar life in a wide range of fields including automobile field We are.

    In September 2017, it became a subsidiary company of Okamoto Corporation. In the future, we will incorporate technology and quality control etc. at the leading edge of Okamoto Co., Ltd., we will strive to rationalize the production process of everyone and make new abrasive products enriching our lives.

    As we see in the Riken corundum charter (corporate philosophy), we are aware of social responsibility as a leading company in sanding and polishing leading in Japan, comply with laws, regulations, rules and strictly as well as social norms We will promote honest and fair corporate activities that will never be taken, as a comprehensive abrasive paper manufacturer, all employees will work together to meet your expectations. We look forward to your continued support in the future.