Meaning included in the corporate brand

  • The meaning of the corporate brand "Earth sign" includes the desire to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society by continuing to provide products and services that satisfy our customers worldwide.

  • 理研コランダム株式会社


  • As a leading company in grinding and polishing in Japan, we are aware of social responsibility, promote honest and fair corporate activities without strict compliance with laws and regulations, rules and social norms.
  • Considering customers as the first, always providing the best products and services.
  • Shareholders, highly valued from the market, widely trusted by society.
  • It is worth working for employees, making it an attractive workplace.

Behavioral guidelines

  • Practice fair, transparent and free competition, and strive to preserve and expand company assets.
  • Every employee has a high ethical standard (for example, "safety first", "not lying", "keep rules", "show no gap to antisocial forces, Acts voluntarily and autonomously with cooperation, etc. and carries out duties, and builds a free and vigorous workplace.

Environmental philosophy

  • We recognize that inheriting the rich global environment to the next generation is an important issue common to mankind and conduct activities that take into consideration the conservation of the global environment in all aspects of our business activities.
  • Quality policy

    • In order to realize the purpose of "always providing the best products and services" indicated in the RC Charter, the following quality policy shall be set.

      1, We accurately grasp customer needs and expectations, speedily realize products that respond to those demands, and ensure stable supply
      2, Products, customers / markets, shareholders, etc. Set quality targets related to stakeholders and practice PDCA
      3, Strict compliance with laws and regulations, social requirements such as environmental protection measures, management's requirements and company regulations, to meet customer requirements
      4, Continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system with the aim of improving customer satisfaction

    Green declaration

    • We stated in our company's environmental philosophy that "We recognize that it is a common matter common to all human beings to succeed the rich global environment to the next generation, and in all aspects of our business activities, we will carry out activities that take into consideration the preservation of the global environment . (1) Promote green procurement of products, parts, materials and raw materials with low environmental impacts, and (2) ISO 14001 certification acquired on December 23, 2006, environmentally friendly · We will promote improvement activities and declare to preserve the global environment by delivering environmentally friendly products to our customers.

    Basic task

    • Improve productivity and enhance profitability.
    • Expansion of sales and enhancement of customer service.
    • Development of new products and development of new markets.